Guiding Your Way Through Quarantine

Puerto Rico Ever since the quarantine has started, the Internet has acted as a gateway to maintain social interactions. Whether it’s from Zoom distant learning classes, Facetime with your friends, or learning a new language, the Internet has helped ease the pain of having to distance oneself from loved ones. If you are going to be stuck in your house, or another place, you can take this time to try new things. To try that recipe saved in your camera roll, that puzzle you think is too hard to finish, or start the challenge you never really had the time to do. However, if you are like me and have too many ideas, here are some suggestions to begin:


  1. Make a home movie night: Pull out any comforters, blankets, and snacks to live the full movie theatre experience from the comfort of your home. Hulu just began to screen Parasite.
  2. Start a workout plan from your house: If you live in an apartment or have no weights, there are plenty of trainers available on many media platforms offering workouts. Some people have been streaming live in their Instagram stories with their trainers for others to participate in.
  3. Start to learn a new instrument (technically): If you wish to learn a new instrument but can’t because you either do not have one do not fret. There are new apps and courses offered online like Simply Piano, which gives you the opportunity. 
  4.  Visit a museum or aquarium: Ever since quarantine began, many institutions have decided to offer virtual tours.
  5. Join a free concert: Many artists have been partnering with broadcasting stations or simply going live on their social media to give free concerts. Some DJs like DJ Nice have been going live on their Instagram that is great for any dance party. 
  6. Time Capsule: Go back to that hobby you loved but lost touch with, or keep track of what you do during the quarantine.
  7. Visit a theatre: Some famous theaters like The Grammy Museum,  The Global Theatre, The Metropolitan Opera and the Sydney Opera House are offering virtual shows, tours, and lessons.
  8. Take a trip: Yes, you can now take a trip to Montreal or Hawaii without getting on a plane. Tours are being offered by Travel Leisure + online. In Discover Puerto Rico, the Instagram account offers dance lessons, cocktail, and food recipes.
  9. Go outside: Many National Parks in the United States have been giving virtual tours. Now you can see the Great Wall of China, the Northern Lights, and even the Cherry Blossom Trees in D.C.
  10. Try new recipes: Even if you don’t have an oven, there are many recipes being shared that can be made in toaster ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, or even no-bake recipes.  In Tasty, chefs have been put to the test in a series called Chef Out of Water. In the series, one tasty chef Alexis DeBoschnek has been recreating recipes in the most bizarre of places.
  11. Create your own game: If you have played nearly every game in your house, try and make one yourself. 
  12. Take your time: It is important to take a break and meditate or do whatever makes you feel relaxed, like reading a book. 
  13. Learn a new language: Trying a new language is anything but easy at times. Though some apps like Duolingo help you learn the basics of other languages like French and Italian.
  14. Learn how to knit, crochet, or sew through Youtube or online courses.
  15. Make some art: It never hurts to try and discover a new creative side. If you do not know where to start, you can doodle, or download a coloring app. 
  16. Bored of the same clothing?: Take an old shirt and re-envision a design. 
  17.  Catch a movie with your friends: A new feature on Netflix and Chrome allows you to sync accounts and watch it together with a chat feature. Or you can Zoom it.
  18. Try any bizarre idea, like candle making. 
  19. Try a new challenge: In light of recent events, there have been new creative challenges like the Getty museum challenge where a person re-creates an image, collage, painting, or any artwork using what they have in their house.
  20. Make DIY face masks: If you are tired of not being able to read the ingredients in your beauty products make some for yourself. Farah Dhukai has over dozens of recipes on her Instagram and Youtube channel for any skin type.
  21. Take an online course: A new platform named Master class is publishing classes from filmmaking, photography, athletics to how to be a successful entrepreneur from some of the most successful figures in the field.

Most of all remember to stay safe!